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This documentation is currently updated to version The documentation of previous versions, you can find in the archive.


In JIRA applications, you can use the "link" feature to represent a connection between two (or more) issues. Linking issues can be difficult for inexperienced JIRA users. First, you have to search for the two issues you want to link and then you have to select one of the given linking types.

catWorkX Issue Picker for JIRA provides a new custom field type for more flexibility and to avoid mistakes. This custom field type can be used to:

  • Display all results of a JQL query and displays a table of specified fields for each matching issue.
  • Pick for single and multiple issues.
  • Create links to picked issues.
  • Copy the values of a set of custom fields from a picked issue to the current issue. The copied values are stored in the corresponding custom fields so there is no need for a field mapping.
  • Aggregate values of custom fields in a table.

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