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The files created by catWorkX Configuration Export for JIRA can be imported only by "catWorkX Configuration Importer for JIRA"!

If you want to copy the configuration of your JIRA server for backup or staging, you can use the "Backup JIRA data" function in the system administration. This function creates a zipped XML file that includes the whole configuration and all issues of the system. This may be useful for backup. But for staging, e.g., to create a test server with an identical configuration, you do not need all the information about thousands of issues. The exported file can be quite large depending on the number of issues. Probably you can not share it by email because of its size and to import it using "catWorkX Configuration Importer for JIRA" the target system needs a lot of time.

catWorkX Configuration Export for JIRA exports only the configuration information of your JIRA server without any issues. This reduces the size of the export file dramatically. You will be able to distribute the configuration file by email or via USB stick. The small file can be imported by "catWorkX Configuration Importer for JIRA" on the target system fast.

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  1. Exportiert nur die Daten die unser Configuration Import Tool verarbeiten kann. Das bedautet nicht, dass es sich dabei um die vollständige JIRA Konfiguration handelt. Die exportierte Konfiguration kann auch nur explizit für das Import Tool genutzt werden. Es kann nachweislich nicht für einen JIRA Standardimport genutzt werden.

    1. Configuration Export ist nur eine Ergänzung zum Configuaration Import. Wir sollten in der jeweiligen Doku das andere Plugin erwähnen.

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